IMMORTAL CON  Song Challenge


Do you have what it takes to complete our song challenge?  

Are you great and memorizing songs?

We will be announcing a random song at the start of our contest.  

Be the first to sing all the words of the entire song  and you win!

You don't have to be a good singer just know all the words.  

Your clue for the contest is 90s Anime

If you are interested in entering the AMV contest you can find the entry form on the website. The deadline is:  Saturday, Sept. 10 at 11:59pm

Winner of the Online Cosplay Contest and now our Special Cosplay Guest!


Sinead Atkinson -aka- Fairwind Cosplay

Angelique "The Warrior"

​Angelique is a very important piece of Immortal Con. She represents the "Armored Strength & Courage" that exists within so many of us if we look deep. To find this which may hide within will lead to more enriched endeavors and to experience these riches is a blessing in itself no matter how long or short the experience was.

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Britney Ann Forrest & Waleska S. Frankenburg will be on hand at their station located in the Upstairs Vendor Room to help women or men begin their journeys. Whether you would like to shave all of your hair off or you would like to begin with shortening your hair length in preparation for chemotherapy, Wally is our stylist with the big heart to support anyone and everyone with this first stepand Britney will help with makeup application.  Although there is no charge for this service a donation in the amount you seem fit for the cause is immensely appreciated.

Online Celebrity Cosplay Contest

Help us find the next Cosplay Celebrity!

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Immortal Con Fashion Show

The Immortal Con Fashion Show filled with enchantment and whimsy!

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The Immortal Con Cosplay Masquerade Competition is open to all! Do you have what it takes to soar across the stage?

We want to find out!


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We are proud to announce that Immortal Con and the Long Island Retro Gaming EXPO are joining forces to provide retro gaming for Immortal Con. Please be sure to visit the Amityville room downstairs near the elevator from 11am-7pm to enjoy your favorite games from yesteryear. We will have plenty of systems for free play as well as some old-school multiplayer fun.

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