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Performance Guests

Celebrity Guest Appearance 

C. Martin Croker
Space Ghost Coast to Coast

Aqua Teen Hunger Force

The Brak Show

Nova Drop
NovaDrop is an idol group from New York City. Doing song/dance covers of J-Pop, K-Pop, and VOCALOID.


LPat Sommers
Pat Sommers is an American musician, songwriter, and recording artist known for his vocal and guitar performance.

He is notable for recording with ex- KISS member Ace Frehley and Roger Daltrey of The Who. He was a member of The Bryd Dogs with Ricky Bryd of Joan Jett and the Blackhearts from 1990–1992. He has also written with Jay Jay French of Twisted Sister, Joe Lynn Turner of Deep Purple/Rainbow, Elliot Easton of The Cars, Frank Carillo , Al Greenwood of Foreigner, and Richie Supa co-writer of Aerosmith’s hit single “Amazing” and Pink’s hit single “Misery” among others.

Pat is originally from New York City and currently lives in the Washington DC metro area and is readying a new record for release.


Sera's Stitches is a small but growing company specializing in all things stitched!  They offer cosplay outfits and accessories, dolls and doll clothes, everyday wear, alterations and more.

 "Just let us know, and we'll make it sew!"

Celebrity Guest Appearance 
Aqua Team Hunger Force

The LI Hoop Dancers

Hula Hoop Performers! This performance will be led by Angela the Hoopgineer, and will be set to an anime soundtrack. The Hoop Dancers will be dressed in cosplay and costumes for the event!

Cherry Pop

Cherry Pop, will be giving us a special treat making their debut as talented models and dancers in Hime Romance's Fashion Show at Immortal Con 2016. Cherry Pop are stylish and energetic dancers. They dance to J-pop and K-pop covers as well as with original choreography by their leader Cherry!

Project the Night
Project the Night is the newest Rocky Horror Shadow Cast on Long Island and have been performing since 2015. They offer a show every month at the Bow Tie Cinemas in Port Washington.

Celebrity Guest Appearance


Kingdom Hearts 2

My Life as a Teenage Robot

Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children 

Author Loren Molloy

"The Very Devil Herself!"​

Alexandra is a immortal cannibal who must feast on human flesh and blood to survive. For over 200 years this immortal woman has to prowl the dirty streets of London in search of her next victim until the King of England decides to employ her special skills to hunt real life serial killers for his needs instead. 

“Horrifying, Terrifying, & Captivating from cover to cover.”

Guest List Subject to Changes and or Cancellations Due to Professional Obligations or Illness.

Artist Guests

Nicole Oliva Soprano

Nicole Oliva, Immortal Con's creator and event manager, will be performing this year! If you didn't already know Nicole is a fantastic singer with 10 plus years performing experience in theatre and opera as well as symphonic metal bands and Jpop! For the past four years she has been touring the convention circuit doing customized concerts and other shows.
In the spirit of long island's anime and fantasy convention for a cause she will be singing some selections of popular Jpop and Jrock tunes and anime covers.


REAKT is a Japanese artist from Tokyo, Japan currently living in the US. His music is a mix of Japanese Pop, EDM, and Hip Hop. His musical purpose is to spread his sound and message to the world.

Celebrity Guest Appearance 
Power Rangers Light Speed Rescue

​Hitomi Himekawa

Hime Romance is a New Brand that based on American-Japanese Singer Hitomi Himekawa's Fashion Sense and Selection.

Author Kate Fox

​​Long Island poet, Kate Fox, is a mother, breast cancer survivor, and award winning author of the collections My Pink Ribbons and Hope.

NY Jedi

NY Jedi started in 2005 at the NYC Halloween Parade. It consists of cosplayers, martial artists, and teachers who share practical stage combat techniques oriented towards creating stage performances with Lightsabers. The group is not cannon specific and encourages the creation of your own character and look. They do love a good mash up and for our last con season they did a run of Jedi Noir mashed with Star Wars. This year they are going to be performing a comic book series.



The Geek Comedian, tackling all things sci-fi, comic books, video games, anime, and all that role-playing in-between.


Special Guests

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