Ultimate Zelda Trivia Game Show

Are you a Zelda fanatic? Test your knowledge in this ultimate Zelda trivia event and win fabulous prizes! All are welcome to watch or play! There will be two rounds; Participants will be chosen randomly with a number generator, come early to add your name to the list of possible contestants!

  Life is not over with a Cancer Diagnosis

  Choose Your Own Adventure Video Game Genre Discussion

Do you enjoy playing story heavy and character driven video games when your choices can change the outcome of the game? Come and discuss your favorite game such as Telltales' The Walking Dead, Heavy Rain and Life is Strange.

Vocaloid Karaoke & Sing-a-long

 Have you ever wanted to belt out the lyrics to “Senbonzakura” in front of an audience, spin with conviction to “Double Lariat”, or dance around like a maniac to “Popipo?” We’ve got a panel for you!

Top 5 Anime

 Top 5 Anime is dedicated to answering the age-old question of “What is the best anime series?” In this panel we will discover: The Top 20 Cutest Anime Couples, The Top 10 Best Anime Openings of 2015, and The Top 20 Funniest Anime Series as voted by hundreds of anime fans!

  Cosplay 101

Learn basic of how to cosplay and how to budget it with last year's Immortal Con Cosplay Contest winner.


  Life is not over with a Cancer Diagnosis

  Surviving 3-Day Cons

Long conventions can be a nightmare if you're not prepared for it so here's how to survive one step by step.

Q&A with Alison MacInnis

 Details TBA

Angelique "The Warrior"

​Angelique is a very important piece of Immortal Con. She represents the "Armored Strength & Courage" that exists within so many of us if we look deep. To find this which may hide within will lead to more enriched endeavors and to experience these riches is a blessing in itself no matter how long or short the experience was.

Q&A with Carey Means

 Details TBA

  Ball Jointed Doll's: There's so much!
Ball Jointed Dolls: There's so much! Is about the doll's from Japan and now coming from other places, what can be done with them, the fashion and so much more. Wonderful for those that love cosplay or just love sewing.

Q&A with C. Martin Croker

 Details TBA

Dragons and Kappas and Snarfs, Oh My!  Magical Beasts and their Importance in Fantasy

Fantasy worlds are strewn with all manner of fantastic beasts, some wonderful and some terrible. What impact, however, do they have on the worlds themselves, and what can they tell us of the lands in which they reside? Let's learn about these other-worldly beings, their place in and significance to the Fantasy genre. A follow-up to up last year's panel: "A Wizard Did It! The Mechanics of Fantasy.

  Hope with a Cancer Diagnosis with author Kate Fox

​Long Island poet, Kate Fox, is a mother, breast cancer survivor, and award winning author of the collections My Pink Ribbons and Hope. She has been a regular contributor to Great South Bay Magazine since 2004. Her work has been featured in the Diversity and Shadow shows at the East End Arts Gallery, as well as their 2014 Winner’s Show. Kate’s work has been included in Bards Annual 2014, 2015 and 2016 anthologies, Suffolk County Poetry Review 2015 and 2016, and Performance Poets Association 2015 anthology. She received the 2014 Bards Humanitarian Award for the work she does for Breast Cancer Awareness and the American Cancer Society. Since the release of My Pink Ribbons, Kate has spoken at several events, sharing her inspired journey with anyone who will listen and hosted the weekly web show “Sometimes Adversity Isn’t” on TheDailyBlu.com. Kate recently founded Sly Fox Talent Management and is currently managing recording artist Pat Sommers. Her collection Liars, Mistruths and Perception will be released in late 2016.

  Ecchi-Echhi Hentai Quiz Show hosted by The Smashing Pots

Put your ecchi knowledge to the test with this fun panel! Come for the laughs!

(Pssst. You don't need to be a hentai watcher to play) 18+ attendees only! Hosted by The Smashing Pots

(18 yrs of age and over only)

The List

 "The List" is a debate panel where we discuss different topics within the community.

The Fans POV will have a list of topics ranging from anime, sci-fi, comics, etc and we can make our favorite choices for each topic & decide what is the best choice.


Budget Friendly Costume

And Prop Making!

 We will be showing innovative ways to make costumes and props for cosplay larps and costume contests on a budget! We will make a Table runner place mat tabard, a visor for a sci fi or super hero costume, several boffer weapons and various accessories!

Ouran High School Host Club!

 Welcome to the Ouran High School Host Club! Our favorite hosts are here to answer any sort of questions you may have to ask! Truth or dare will be involved as well!

Beginners Guide to Crossplay

 This panel will go over the basics for successful male to female crossplay. I will discuss makeup techniques, with a brief demo included. Show how to dress the male body to give a more feminine appearance. Give affordable examples of items that can be used.

Cosplay Music Videos 101

The Fans POV will be giving suggestions, ideas, & helpful hints for those who wish to create their own cosplay music videos. IE filming techniques, how to approach a cosplayer, how to come up with poses, etc


            Awareness Panels

100YearsRick and Morty.com 

 This Wubba-Lubba-wait a minute, you love Rick and Morty too?! No way! Who would have thought it was popular in this pocket dimension too? Wanna talk to other carbon based life forms about it without feeling like a total glipglop? Well you’ve come to the right panel buddy! Come on down for blips, chips, burps, trivia and fan theories hosted by your favorite pieces of space trash. Warning: 18+ and spoilers

  Life is not over with a Cancer Diagnosis

You hear the words come out of your doctor's mouth and your not only shocked...but fear rushes through your body like a speeding train whose brakes have failed. What do you do?

Sit in with Elsie "LC Macabre" and let her jump on your runaway train to slow it down.

With this panel there will be laughter, sadness, horror, and tears BUT... at the end the goal is for you to walk away with some HOPE through awareness.


The Unsolved Mysteries of Gravity Falls

Hey kids, wanna hear a spooky story? This one’s about a show with unanswered questions that live on beyond the grave! Scary right? Well you can fill your ears with stuff like that courtesy of your favorite grunkle, all pro-bono; consider it a mandatory community service. So come on down to the mystery shack, swap your own crazy conspiracy theories for trivia and fun! Also Unicorns and rainbows.

Q&A with Quinton Flynn

 Details TBA

Top 5 Anime


 Top 5 funniest of the funny and the lewdest of the lewd. In this panel we will discover The Top 5 Most Comically Abusive Anime Couples, The Top 5 Most Perverted Anime Series, and The Top 5 Most Badass Anime Girls. All presented as hilarious AMVs! Also, we will be showing our notorious video: Five Minutes of: Ouch (Brutal Anime Moments)

  New York Cosplay Network

New York Cosplay Network is a New York based Facebook networking group designed to bring Cosplayers, Vendors, Photographers, Artists and other artistic talent of all ages together to assist, construct, and collaborate projects within the New York Cosplay Community. Whether you are a first time Cosplayer, or a veteran of hundreds of Conventions, a landscape photographer, a custom jewelry/item maker, a seamtress or someone who loves to read Manga; we want to show off your stuff!