Angelique "The Warrior"

​Angelique is a very important piece of Immortal Con. She represents the "Armored Strength & Courage" that exists within so many of us if we look deep. To find this which may hide within will lead to more enriched endeavors and to experience these riches is a blessing in itself no matter how long or short the experience was.

Immortal Con 2016 Schedule
Crystal Ballroom Stage

Fashion Show by Hime Romance – 11:30am (60min)
Greg Ross “Comedian” – 1:00pm (30min)
REAKT Performance – 2:00pm (45min)
Fashion Show presented by “Sera Stitches” – 3:00pm (60min)
Uncle Yo “Comedian” – 4:15pm (45min)
Long Island Hoop Dancers – 5:15pm (15min)
Nicole Oliva Soprano Performance – 5:30pm (30min)

 Bay Room

The Unsolved Mysteries of Gravity Falls – 11:30am (60min)
Top 5 Anime – 12:30pm (60min)
Uncle Yo’s “Identity & Steven Universe” – 2:00pm (60min)
Dragons and Kappas and Snarfs, Oh My! Magical Beasts and their importance in Fantasy – 3:30pm (60min)

100 years Rick and – 5:00pm (60min)
Top Anime 18+ - 7:30pm (60min)

Ecchi-Ecchi Hentai Quiz Show w/The Smashing Pots 18+ - 9:00pm (60min)

Shore Room

Surviving 3-Day Cons – 11:00am (30min)
Cosplay 101 – 11:30am (60min)
Beginners Guide to Crossplay – 1:00pm (60min)
Budget Friendly Costume and Prop Making – 2:30pm (90min)
Cosplay Music Videos 101 – 4:15pm (60min)
Ball Jointed Dolls: There’s So Much! – 5:30pm (60min)
Song Challenge Contest – 9:15pm

Concierge Space

Choose Your Own Adventure Video Game Genre Discussion - 11:00am (60min)

C. Martin Croker & Carey Means Panel/Q&A – 12:30pm (60min)
Kate Fox “Cancer Awareness Discussion” – 1:45pm (30min)
Alison MacInnis Panel/Q&A – 2:30pm (45min)

Elsie “LC Macabre” Ginsberg “Cancer Awareness Discussion” – 3:30pm (45min)

Quinton Flynn Panel / Q&A – 4:45pm (60min)

Holbrook Room

New York Cosplay Network Meet Up – 11:30am (60min)
Cosplay Contest Pre-Judging – 4:00pm (120min)
The List – 7:00pm (60min)

 Islip Main Stage Room

Ultimate Zelda Trivia Game Show – 11:00am (90min)

Remembering C. Martin Croker (R.I.P. 9/18/16) – 12:45pm (60min)
Nova Drop Performance – 2:15pm (45min)
NY Jedi Show – 3:30pm (60min)
Vocaloid Karaoke and Singalong – 4:45pm (90min)
Pat Sommers Performance – 6:15pm (15min)

Cosplay Masquerade Contest / AMV Winners / Cosplay Winners – 6:45pm (120min)

Rocky Horror Picture Show w/Project the Night Shadowcast – 9pm